Classical theory of international trade

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Classical economics

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Comparison between Classical Theory and Modern Theory of International Trade

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A Classical View of the Business Cycle Michael T. Belongia Otho Smith Professor of Economics University of Mississippi Box University, MS 3 Classical Trade Theories – Discussed! ADVERTISEMENTS: Adam Smith and David Ricardo gave the classical theories of international trade.

According to the theories given by them, when a country enters in foreign trade, it benefits from specialization and efficient resource allocation. The assumptions taken under this theory’ are as. Mercantilism. Developed in the sixteenth century, mercantilism A classical, country-based international trade theory that states that a country’s wealth is determined by its holdings of gold and silver.

was one of the earliest efforts to develop an economic theory. This theory stated that a country’s wealth was determined by the amount of its gold and silver holdings. T he theory of international trade and commercial policy is one of the oldest branches of economic thought.

From the ancient Greeks to the present, government officials, intellectuals, and economists have pondered the determinants of trade between countries, have asked whether trade bring benefits or harms the nation, and, more importantly, have tried to determine what trade policy is best for.

The classical theory of trade is based on the labour cost theory of value. This theory states that goods are exchanged against one another according to the relative amounts of labour embodied in them.

Classical theory of international trade
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What Is International Trade Theory?