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· balmettes.coms://balmettes.com  · CAASPP EAP Result: Result Description: What it means: Standard Exceeded. Level 4 Ready for English and/or Math college-level coursework. balmettes.com This course catalog includes courses previously taken by EAP students.; Additional courses may be available at EAP host/partner universities or program locations and not all courses may still be offered.

EAP Courses Abroad. You will receive units towards graduation for all completed EAP coursework. However, the application of credit to major, minor or GE requirements is subject to the discretion of the academic department and balmettes.com://balmettes.com Coursework (undergraduate and postgraduate) and honours courses with higher (i.e.

non-standard) English proficiency requirements are listed below in Section D. Courses that have exceptions from some of the broader means of meeting English proficiency requirements covered in the policy and procedure are also identified in this balmettes.com://balmettes.com EAP students who are taking the MDC Placement Test for their first time may take the mathematics subtest on its own.

However, they must take the reading and writing subtests at the same time. Exceptions to testing EAP students could be made at.

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