Living together before marriage

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Is It OK for Christians to Live Together Before Marriage?

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Not living together before marriage does not transform a marriage into a happy blessing. Aaron Ben Zeev forgot to ask these cohabitating couples, married couples and subsequent divorcees about. Living together before marriage — or even prior to getting engaged — can be a good indicator of what married life is actually like.

In fact, 67 percent of couples do live together before their engagement. Others, though, are a bit warier of taking this step pre-engagement or before marriage.

Apr 15,  · About two-thirds said they believed that moving in together before marriage was a good way to avoid divorce. Advertisement. Living together can be fun and economical, and the setup costs are. Refuting previous research that claims couples who shack up together before getting married are more likely to get divorced later in life, a new study finds instead that divorce rates are tied.

Here’s our post that was the main topic of the interview – What’s Wrong With Living Together Before Marriage? That same post and same topic has been featured over at WORLD Magazine as well. You can view that post by clicking here. Millions of couples are living together before marriage in this modern world and it’s safe to say that you won’t look weird if you decide not to wait until your marriage.

I t’s time we stop worrying about old ideals and take a step where we have the power to control our own lives.

Living together before marriage
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