Pep cereal

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Breakfast & Cereal

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10 Snack Foods Originally Sold as Medicines

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Pep (cereal)

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Pep Cereal Pins

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Cereal box prize

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Pep (cereal)

Here is an archive of hundreds of cereal boxes, with even more to come. Nothing here is for sale. Pep was a brand of whole-wheat breakfast cereal produced by the Kellogg Company, and introduced in Pep was a long-running rival to Wheaties, and also the sponsor of Mutual Radio's The Adventures of Superman radio series.

One of Pep's advertising slogans was "the Sunshine cereal". Pep became one of the first "fortified" cereals. Putt-Putt ®, Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and Spyfox are back! Humongous Entertainment has all your favorite characters and games.

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Pep cereal
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