School leaving certificate

Piled to students meeting pub graduation requirements.

List of secondary school leaving qualifications

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If you are an external (non-school) candidate for the established Leaving Certificate, you can apply online or on the application form available from the State Examinations Commission (SEC).The closing date for applications for the exams was midnight.

UPCOMING EVENTS. See Calendar section above for dates of Parent/ Teacher Meetings. Congratulations to Shona Nugent (LC '17) on winning an Entrance Scholarship with UCD based on her Leaving Cert Points. Shona is to be presented with an Award at a Ceremony in UCD next week.

A secondary school leaving qualification is a document signifying that the holder has fulfilled any secondary education requirements of their locality, often including the passage of a final qualification examination. For each leaving certificate student, they obtain a certain amount of points coinciding with the results they received in their examinations.

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Established Leaving Certificate

As we proudly step into our all new state of the art school, close on 50 years after the school was founded, we remain true to continued excellence in education, in the spirit of our motto - LUX, PAX, FELICITAS (Light, Peace, Happiness).

The Leaving Certificate (Applied) - LCA is a distinct, self-contained Leaving Certificate programme. It is strongly 'vocational' which means that it's more job and employment focused than the. School Leaving Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Attestation of School Leaving Certificates is the act of witnessing a Migration certificate by authorised person / persons / Departments / authorities with their official seal and signature.

School leaving certificate
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