Wynn bullock stark tree

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Winter Etchings

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Art-Support was created for fine art photographers, however it's useful to anyone interested in selling artwork.

Bullock Lecture at the High Museum - 6/19/14

If you're interested in the business of art, this site is for you. Fine art photographers will find us to be a very valuable online resource, so will collectors of photography. The photograph Navigation without Numbers was made at a ranch high atop Partington Ridge in the heart of Big Sur country.

The owner of the ranch was an eccentric medical doctor and avid anthropologist of Spanish and Native American heritage named Jaime de Angulo.

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Wynn Bullock - Stark Tree, Pigment Print - Available in multiple sizes. Wynn Bullock - Let There Be Light, Wynn Bullock - Seaweed and Rock, Point Lobos, Pigment Print - 9x12, 11x14 or 16x Wynn Bullock - Seed Pods, Wynn Bullock Stark tree.

Topics: Photography, Light, Camera Pages: 1 ( words) Published: November 6,  This is a landscape photography taken by film camera. This photograph taken in titled stark tree. The exposure time in this photo is normal because when I look at this photo the objects and the dark areas, I can see that is.

Wynn bullock stark tree
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